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Marion & Rose’s Workshop was one of the very first stores I approached when I decided to start selling wholesale. It was such a delight to meet Kerri, because I really feel like she and I are made of the same stuff (though I might have a little more gunpowder and whiskey in my blood). Walking into her store is like walking into better-than-home. It’s the kind of place that my home might look like if I had better taste, and, as a result, I always find myself trapped in fantasy lands where I lovingly fondle hand-hewn wooden bowls and lose myself in the fresh, wonderful smell of Juniper Ridge Douglas Fir tip tea. Over the past several months, Kerri and I have become friends. I always love the opportunity to stop by and chat with her about her vision for the neighborhood, how she does such an amazing job merchandising, and how beautifully done the Limited Edition Oakland Horse Prints are (side note: my maiden name is “Farrar,” which comes from the word “farrier,” which means horseshoe maker… so basically, that woman horse is me). We occasionally bemoan the increase in imported products masking as US-made… so don’t forget to ask.