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Unicorn Poop Soap
Unicorn Poop Soap

Unicorn Poop Soap

5.00 out of 5
(2 customer reviews)
Price : $13.75

Unicorn poop is HEWN FROM SOLID RAINBOWS and AN ASTONISHING ARRAY OF DELIGHTFUL SCENTS to bring glee to even the most soap-averse humans!

Upon sniffing the Unicorn Poop soap, 100% of testers respond with a variation of ‘Can I eat this? Are you sure I can’t eat this?’ and then ‘Can I lick it, at least?’

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Upon sniffing the Unicorn Poop soap, 100% of testers respond with a variation of ‘Can I eat this? Are you sure I can’t eat this?’ and then ‘Can I lick it, at least?’ It is a Willy Wonka-style layered assortment of scents BY COLOR, including a non-specific range of birthday cake, blueberry muffin, cola, butterscotch, and vanilla (the flavors change all the time, though). Not only that, it is BURSTING with SO MUCH GLITTER YOU’LL BE FORCED TO TYPE IN ALL CAPS JUST TO DESCRIBE IT!!!

Think this is hyperbole? IT IS NOT!

The poop… uh, SOAP, comes segmented and wrapped in a lovely organza bag with a very adorable label. It is fully suitable for giving children or other people who really need to smell better and/or you need to track (due to the magic of their glitter trail).

Our soaps are formulated with an all-vegan combination of oils that is both delightfully sudsy in the shower and leaves your skin silky smooth and, if you wish, sooooo kissable (though we’re not getting all up in your boundaries). We make them with love and laughter in order to bring the best of ourselves to you.

Every order includes one of our bumper stickers.

If this is a gift for someone other than yourself and you’d like us to include a note, put that in the order notes section when you order. We’ll hand write it in our attempt at a legible note.

Ingredients: Coconut oil, avocado oil, castor oil, olive oil, distilled water, sodium hydroxide, fragrance oil, and coloring.

All our soaps are handmade and, as a result, may have some minor cosmetic and weight differences.


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Weight 5.5 oz
Dimensions 3.5 x 2.5 x 1 in
0 out of 5


Doesn’t taste nearly as good as it smells. But trust me, it smells so good you’ll want to eat it!

0 out of 5

(verified owner):

This review was from our old site, and I’m just reposting it here:

i was born a human female in the united states of america. imagine my surprise at the transformation. i went from two legs, a couple arms, a pair of hands and some boobs, to a mythical equestrian goddess, complete with a glorious horn hewn from crystal and the joyful tears of God.

my emergence from the shower was cautious. i’m sure our house architects didn’t intend for our tiny bathroom to contain a beast from another universe. the shower curtain spread across my lean, smooth back like a cape as i stepped out onto the tiny and insignificant bathmat. i shook my mane of silver horse-tresses and peered at myself in the mirror. holy f*ck. i am a unicorn. the shock sent waves of panic coursing through my belly and a single glittering turd fell from my regal and majestic ass.

yes. that’s how unicorn poop soap is made. i live in the outlaw soaps warehouse now, my life’s only mission is to crap fabulously lathering product which is sold to buy me magic hay and light-infused sugar cubes. which i then poop out into soap, thus creating the cycle that is my existence. i’m pretty happy with the arrangement. my old boss still calls me every once in a while and asks me when i’m coming back to work. she needs me to finish that budget report for the next stockholder’s meeting but really… could anything be better than standing around eating stuff fairies bring me and having my tail braided with rays of sunlight and flecks of waterfall mist?? i think not.

please, continue to enjoy bathing in my poop. life is great.

0 out of 5


Personally I wouldn’t recommend Unicorn Poop as a body soap. Over a such a large area it loses a lot of its charm: it becomes just a mass of sweetness. However, as a hand soap? Well as a hand soap it is just loads of fun. It’s rainbow appearance adds a touch of humor and silliness to your sink and when you just use it on your hands you can tell how the scents combine slightly differently every time. Thus every time you wash your hands you get a unique scent combination! Who couldn’t use more pleasant surprises in their day? I mean, it’s Unicorn Poop! What else can you say? It’s bright, it’s silly, it’s smells like how sweet tastes, and it just makes me smile a little every time I use it.

0 out of 5


I ordered a couple of different bars, one of which was the Unicorn Poop for my granddaughter. She loved it – the name, the smell. Want to get your kids into the tub? Unicorn Poop will do it.

5 out of 5


I wish my poop smelled this good! Great job on this soap!

5 out of 5


I love using your soap

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